Live comedy shows on Instagram @alisultancomedy

Live comedy shows on Instagram @alisultancomedy

Live comedy shows on Instagram @alisultancomedyLive comedy shows on Instagram @alisultancomedy



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Live Album Now on iTunes!

Album coming soon!

My debut album is now available on

itunes! I put my heart and years of work into it and I hope you will enjoy it. Here's a great write-up about my album from Vanyaland!

Arab Prince Tries Stand Up


Stand Up!

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Crowd Work

Man tells me he drank pee 

More about Ali!

Why Ali Sultan Made a Podcast with His Mom



The Growler Article

Here is a great article Growler Magazine did about my Podcast!

MPR News Ali Sultan Article

MPR Article

Here is the article that MPR News wrote about my comedy journey. Thank you for all the support!



Ali Sultan saw his first stand up comedian when he moved to America from Yemen at the age of 15. He grew the desire to go on stage but first he needed to learn English. 

Ali is the first professional Yemeni American comedian to be featured on Television when Kevin Hart hand picked him to perform on Comedy Central’s Hart of The City. In 2018 he was flown to Dubai to film a Half Hour Special for Comedy Central Arabia. He was named both Best Local Comic and artist of the year by City Pages. He represented Minnesota and won the Best in The Midwest competition at Gildas LaughFest. His album happy to be here debuted at #2 on iTunes and can heard on iTunes, Spotify, Xm and Pandora. When Ali isn’t telling jokes Ali enjoys doing a podcast with his mom, Stories With My Muslim Mom. 


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